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Guide to John Wayne Airport Parking:

Parking at John Wayne Airport (SNA) can be convenient and hassle-free, with various parking options available. Here is a complete guide to help you navigate the parking facilities at SNA:

  1. Terminal Parking:
    • Terminal parking structures are located adjacent to the terminals, making them the most convenient option.
    • There are two terminal parking structures, A1 and A2, offering both covered and uncovered parking spaces.
    • Terminal parking is ideal for short stays, such as picking up or dropping off passengers, as well as for quick trips.
  2. Main Street Parking:
    • Located on Main Street, just a short walk from the terminal buildings, this parking lot offers an affordable option for extended stays.
    • Main Street parking is suitable for travelers going on vacations or business trips for several days or more.
  3. Valet Parking:
    • Valet parking is available for a premium and offers the utmost convenience.
    • Drop off your vehicle at the valet area, and the staff will park it for you.
    • Valet parking is ideal for a seamless and efficient parking experience.
  4. Off-Site Parking:
    • Several off-site parking options near John Wayne Airport provide shuttle service to and from terminals.
    • Off-site parking lots often offer competitive rates and may be cost-effective for longer trips.
john wayne airport parking
parking at john wayne airport

Tips for Parking at John Wayne Airport:

    • Reserve in advance: Consider reserving your parking spot in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to guarantee availability and potentially secure discounted rates.
    • Follow signage: Pay attention to the signs and directions to navigate to the designated parking areas smoothly.
    • Consider shuttle service: If you choose off-site parking, familiarize yourself with the shuttle service schedule and location for convenient transportation to and from the airport.
    • Please keep track of your parking spot: Take note of the parking lot and space number where you parked your vehicle to find it upon your return.

Long-term parking at John Wayne airport

Whether you’re traveling for an extended vacation, business trip, or any other extended stay, John Wayne Airport’s long-term parking facility offers secure and affordable parking solutions. With his dedicated long-term parking area, you can confidently leave your vehicle, knowing it will be safe and secure throughout your trip. The parking facility is conveniently located near the airport terminals, making it easy to access and providing a seamless experience. Enjoy competitive rates, reliable shuttle services, and peace of mind knowing your vehicle is well cared for.


Parking Rates at John Wayne Airport:

Parking rates at John Wayne Airport vary depending on the chosen parking option and the duration of stay. Rates can be subject to change, so it’s recommended to check the official John Wayne Airport website or contact their parking services for the most up-to-date information.

1- Terminal Parking

Rate: $2 per hour, $20 daily rate

Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: 18601 Airport Way
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Parking structure entrances are on the Departure (upper) Level only

2- Off-Airport Parking (Main St)

Rate: $2 per hour, $14 daily rate

Hours: Open 24 hours

Location: 1512 Main Street
Irvine, CA 92614

Courtesy shuttle service to and from the Riley Terminal is available every 15 minutes between 4:30 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.

3-Curbside Valet Parking

Rate: $10 per hour, $30 daily rate

Hours: 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily

Location: Departure (upper) Level in front of the Terminal

Remember to allow ample time to park your vehicle, complete any necessary payments or transactions, and proceed to the Terminal for your flight. With this guide, you’ll have a smooth parking experience at John Wayne Airport.

john wayne airport parking rates

Parking at John Wayne Airport FAQ


What are Ticketless Options for parking at John Wayne airport?

Ticketless parking options at John Wayne Airport (SNA) refer to convenient methods of parking that eliminate the need for a physical parking ticket. Here are some ticketless options available at SNA:

    1. Credit Card Entry:

      • One ticketless option is to use your credit card to enter and exit the parking facilities.
      • Upon arrival at the parking entrance, insert your credit card into the card reader at the gate.
      • The system will recognize your credit card information and lift the gate for entry.
      • When exiting, insert the same credit card into the reader at the exit gate, and the system will charge the parking fees to your card.
      • This eliminates the need to take and keep a physical parking ticket.
    2. License Plate Recognition (LPR):

      • Some parking areas at John Wayne Airport utilize license plate recognition technology for ticketless parking.
      • As you enter the parking facility, cameras will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate.
      • When you leave, the system will recognize your license plate and automatically charge the parking fees associated with your stay.
      • This option eliminates the need for a physical ticket or credit card entry.

Benefits of Ticketless Parking:

      • Convenience: Ticketless parking streamlines the process, eliminating the need to keep track of a parking ticket throughout your trip.
      • Time-saving: With ticketless options, there’s no need to search for a misplaced ticket or wait in line to pay at a payment machine.
      • Contactless: Ticketless parking reduces physical contact with machines or attendants, providing a more hygienic and touchless parking experience.

Note: Ticketless parking options may not be available in all parking areas at John Wayne Airport. It’s recommended to check the airport’s official website or contact their parking services for specific information regarding ticketless options and availability during your visit.



What is John Wayne Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service?

John Wayne Airport (SNA) offers several hotel parking options with a shuttle service for travelers who wish to park their vehicles while traveling. These hotels provide convenient parking facilities and complimentary shuttle transportation to and from the airport. Here’s a guide to John Wayne Airport hotel parking with shuttle service:

      • Choose a Hotel: Select a hotel near John Wayne Airport that offers long-term parking and shuttle service. Many nearby hotels, including popular options like Hilton, Marriott, and Holiday Inn, provide this service.
      • Reservation: Make a reservation in advance for your desired parking dates. Contact the hotel directly or use their online reservation system to book your parking space. It’s recommended to check the hotel’s specific parking policies, rates, and availability.
      • Park and Check-In: On the day of your departure, drive to the hotel and locate the designated parking area for airport parking. Follow the hotel’s parking instructions and park your vehicle in the assigned spot.
      • Shuttle Service: Once parked, proceed to the hotel lobby or designated shuttle pick-up area. The hotel’s shuttle service operates on a scheduled basis, typically running every 15 to 30 minutes. Check with the hotel for their specific shuttle schedule.
      • Airport Transportation: Board the hotel’s shuttle that will transport you directly to John Wayne Airport. The shuttle will drop you off at the appropriate terminal for your airline.
      • Return Trip: Upon your return to John Wayne Airport, follow the signage to the hotel shuttle pick-up area. Contact the hotel to request a shuttle service, and they will provide an estimated pick-up time. Wait at the designated area for the hotel shuttle to arrive.
      • Retrieve Your Vehicle: Once you return to the hotel, retrieve your vehicle from the parking area. Depending on the hotel’s policies, you may need to check out or validate your parking ticket at the front desk.

Benefits of Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service:

      • Convenience: Hotel parking provides a convenient option for travelers, especially those with early or late-night flights.
      • Security: Hotels generally offer secure parking facilities with surveillance, providing peace of mind for leaving your vehicle.
      • Cost-effective: Hotel parking rates are often more affordable than on-site airport parking.
      • Shuttle Service: The complimentary shuttle service eliminates the hassle of finding parking and navigating airport traffic.

Note: It’s essential to review each hotel’s specific parking policies, rates, and shuttle schedules before making a reservation. Additionally, availability, shuttle frequency, and distance to the airport may vary among hotels.



Does John Wayne Airport (SNA) offer long-term parking options?

Yes, John Wayne Airport (SNA) offers long-term parking options. They have dedicated parking areas where travelers can leave their vehicles for extended periods. These facilities are designed to accommodate passengers who are traveling for more than just a few days. For specific details about long-term parking rates, locations, and other related information at John Wayne Airport, it’s best to consult the airport’s official website or contact their parking services directly.

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