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Premier Long Beach to LAX Car Service with Emelx: Where Excellence Meets Reliability

Emelx stands as the epitome of dependable and superior transportation solutions, offering an unparalleled car service from Long Beach to LAX that guarantees timely and stylish arrivals. Our dedication to outstanding service begins with our team of professional drivers. Each driver is rigorously selected, undergoing comprehensive background checks and possessing substantial driving experience to ensure your journey is safe and comfortable.

Our fleet, featuring only the latest models that are meticulously maintained and fully insured, reflects our commitment to providing you with a travel experience that is both luxurious and effortless. At Emelx, we prioritize your safety and comfort above all else.

Understanding the importance of time and efficiency, our drivers are experts in identifying the most effective routes. This expertise allows us to navigate through traffic smoothly, making your ride not only enjoyable but also punctual. Emelx is the preferred choice for both business and leisure travelers who demand the highest standards of comfort and timeliness.

Emelx car service from Long Beach to LAX
Emelx car service from Long Beach to LAX

Simplifying Your Long Beach to LAX Journey: A Seamless Car Service Experience with Emelx

Reserving your car service from Long Beach to LAX and back has reached a new level of convenience with Emelx. Our intuitively designed website enables you to tailor your reservation to fit your specific needs seamlessly. Our pledge to punctuality sets us apart; booking with Emelx means you can trust that your vehicle will arrive at the exact time you need it, eliminating any wait time.

Forget the hassle and uncertainty of ride-sharing apps or taxis. Emelx offers a smooth, efficient transfer from Long Beach to LAX, ensuring punctuality is a priority, regardless of whether you’re heading out for a business trip, catching a flight, or embarking on a leisurely holiday.

Opting for Emelx is choosing a premium travel experience, marked by dependability, safety, and comfort. Our Long Beach to LAX car service is designed to ensure you arrive at your destination not just on time but with ease and elegance. With Emelx, dismiss the unpredictability of other transport methods and embrace a consistently exceptional and stress-free journey.”


It’s always a joy to hear that our work has positive reviews.

Business woman

Best chauffeur service ever!!!

Great experience with Emelx! It was easy to order the vehicle we needed. Arrived on time.

The service on the day of our event was excellent. The vehicle was so clean and comfortable. The seats were comfy and even reclined. Our group was so comfortable. I am so glad we booked this service and will not hesitate to do it again!

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Sara M.

Google reviews
Business man

Amazing service

They picked me up curbside at LAX in a fresh and clean SUV, not just on time but early.

Excellent driving and knowing I had a round-trip ride after exhausting international travel was a relief.
Pricing is reasonable and exceptional.  Thank you so much for a beautiful experience. This fantastic company gives back to the community and people in need.

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David S.

Google Reviews
Business man

Excellent, professional service

On-time airport pickup, professional and courteous driver, and cleaned the vehicle. The driver handled luggage from the bag claim to the car.

Thanks to everyone at Emelx for their excellent customer support, and I will call again to schedule my next trip!

I highly recommend it.

John A.

Google Reviews
Business man

Excellent service, worth the price to have a decent car

Driver dressed appropriately, good conversation. I Will never use any other car service again. They are unique and reasonably priced. Tips and all taxes are included in each ride, so you don’t have to worry about that at the end of the ride.

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Mike, S.

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Long Beach Luxury Sedan Mid Size SUV Full Size SUV
From LAX
From SNA
From LGB
To San Diego Intl. Airport
From San Diego Intl. Airport


Rates are subject to change and availability and do not include the variable fuel surcharge and do not include a typical gratuity of 20%.  

Long Beach to LAX Airport Pickup Service

You’ll be off the plane, into your waiting car, and on your way quickly.

Flight Tracking

We monitor your flight and arrival time to insure pick-up

The Other Guys:
Do not monitor flights and do not insure pick-up

Terminal Pickup

We pick you up right in front of your terminal

The Other Guys:
You must take the airport bus to the transportation lot outside the airport to meet your driver

Free wait time

30-minute grace period for domestic and 60 minutes for international.

The Other Guys:
Charge for wait time and traffic delays, resulting in additional charges at the end of your trip

4 Ways to Travel from Long Beach to LAX

Traveling from Long Beach to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) offers various options to fit every traveler’s preference, schedule, and budget. Here are four ways to make the journey, including the premium service provided by Emelx:

1. Emelx Private Car Service

For those seeking comfort, reliability, and style, Emelx stands out as the premier choice. Offering a high-end, private car service from Long Beach to LAX, Emelx ensures a seamless and stress-free travel experience. With professional drivers, luxury vehicles, and a commitment to punctuality, Emelx caters to travelers who value efficiency and comfort. Booking is easy through their user-friendly platform, allowing you to customize your travel details according to your preferences.

2. Ride-Sharing Apps (Uber/Lyft)

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft provide a convenient and often cost-effective way to travel. With the convenience of app-based booking, travelers can arrange for a ride directly from their location in Long Beach to LAX. Prices vary based on demand, traffic, and the type of service selected (e.g., economy, premium, or carpool), offering a range of options for different budgets and preferences.

3. Public Transportation

For those looking to economize or minimize their carbon footprint, public transportation is an available option, though it requires more time and planning. The Metro Rail and bus services can be utilized to travel from Long Beach to LAX. This may involve taking the Blue Line from Long Beach to downtown Los Angeles and then connecting to the Green Line toward LAX, with a final transfer to a shuttle bus that services the airport terminals. It’s the most budget-friendly option but also the least direct and time-consuming.

4. Airport Shuttles

Several shuttle services operate between Long Beach and LAX, offering a balance between cost and convenience. These shared rides are more affordable than private car services and more direct than public transportation, making them a practical choice for travelers looking to avoid the stress of navigating LA’s traffic themselves. Shuttles can be booked in advance, and service includes picking up and dropping off passengers at various points.

Each of these options provides different benefits, whether you’re looking for luxury and ease with Emelx, the flexibility of ride-sharing, the economy of public transport, or the practicality of shuttle services. Consider your priorities, such as budget, convenience, or travel time, to choose the best method for your trip from Long Beach to LAX.

Long Beach, CA
Long Beach, CA

Long Beach to LAX Airport Drop-Off Service

Your trip to the airport will be safe, luxurious, and stress-free.

Safe and Secure

Airport Transportation

View your driver’s name, the car number, and the car type before pickup.

Track driver

In Real Time

You can track your driver’s location and ETA on your dashboard.

Flexible Booking

Multiple Options

Book your ride to the airport on by phone, or website.

Things to do in Long Beach

Long Beach offers a rich array of activities and attractions that cater to different interests. Here are some highlights you can consider:
  1. Aquarium of the Pacific: This popular destination houses over 12,000 aquatic animals and offers interactive experiences like feeding sharks and touching stingrays. It’s a fantastic place for both kids and adults​.
  2. Queen Mary: Step aboard this historic ocean liner and explore its art deco design, dine at one of its restaurants, or experience a ghost tour​.
  3. Catalina Island: Just a ferry ride from Long Beach, Catalina Island offers a beautiful getaway with activities like snorkeling, dining, and exploring the quaint town of Avalon​.
  4. El Dorado Nature Center: This peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Long Beach features walking trails, a visitor center, and abundant wildlife, making it a great spot for relaxation and nature walks.
  5. Naples Canals: Experience the charm of these Venetian-like canals in Southern California. You can enjoy a gondola ride or a leisurely walk around the picturesque neighborhood.
  6. The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA): This unique museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American art, offering a variety of exhibits and cultural events.
  7. Rancho Los Cerritos: This historic site provides a glimpse into the 19th-century ranch life in California with its beautiful gardens and Victorian-era interior.
  8. Long Beach Waterfront: This vibrant area includes Shoreline Village, which is full of shops and dining options, and offers beautiful views of the harbor.
  9. The Pike Outlets: For shopping enthusiasts, this area offers a range of outlet stores and entertainment options, including a Ferris wheel.
These are just a few of the many activities and sites Long Beach has to offer, ensuring that there’s something enjoyable for everyone in this dynamic coastal city.
Long Beach, CA

Long Beach to LAX Shuttle FAQ

What is the most cost-effective way to get from Long Beach to LAX?

The most cost-effective way to get from Long Beach to LAX is typically using public transportation, such as taking a combination of local buses and the Metro Rail. This option is the most budget-friendly but may require transfers and more travel time compared to other methods.




What is the fastest way to get from Long Beach to LAX?

The fastest way to get from Long Beach to LAX is by using a private car service like Emelx, which offers direct and personalized transportation, avoiding the delays associated with public transportation or the unpredictability of ride-sharing services.




Is there a direct bus from Long Beach to Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?

No, there is no direct bus from Long Beach to Los Angeles Airport (LAX). However, you can use a combination of buses to complete the journey. A common route involves taking a Metro Los Angeles bus from Long Beach to a transfer point such as the LAX City Bus Center and then using another service like the LAX FlyAway bus to reach the airport. The total journey typically takes around 2 hours, including transfers.

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